Why is it the best food comes from the grossest places?

Fried Okra
This disgusting looking “drive thru” window provided me with the tastiest fried okra I’ve had in a long time.

Givral's entrance.
This door to a disgusting looking Asian Grocery Strip Mall brings us gems like
Givral's Givral's
More givrals Givral's
and is fantastically cheap.
That beautiful sandwich costs $2 flat. The mung bean ball is 50 cents. A whole, filling, delicious lunch/dinner for $2.50? Heck yeah! Even when I’m pulling in the cash, I’m going to still frequent seedy, cheap, and delicious places like this.
They have a health certificate. It’s OK.

And remember kids, Givral is a genre of sandwich, not the man’s name. I called him Mr. Givral for about 2 years before I found this out.


November 5, 2006. Food.

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