I don’t like the cookie part

I don’t like the cookie part

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Ever since I was wee, I haven’t enjoyed the cookie part of the Oreo.
I remember licking out the filling.
I remember entering the Oreo stacking contest, or at least practicing for it. I got up to 38 of them, if I remember correctly.
I can remember sitting at my friend’s house on a stool scooted up to the counter, stacking Oreos with crumb-covered hands.

Oreo cookies are pretty much gross. Oreo FILLING on the other hand, is fantastic. If I could fill a tube with it and squirt it directly into my mouth, I’d be all over that.
I don’t know what the filling is made of but I do know that I love it. Probably corn syrup, colouring, and vegetable fat solids. Ew.

I only eat the whole cookie if it’s in the cookies and cream ice cream. HECK YEA!!

I’m a glutton, but I’m still young. My metabolism can take it for a few years.


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Hello world!

First post… not sure of what this’ll exactly be, but most probably just the daily ins and outs of a hand model (well, not yet) and student.

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