Vietnamese Sandwiches

I tried out Cali Sandwich instead of my normal Givral’s just down the street. I heard of Cali Sandwich because of flickrer murphelz’s picture.

Cost: $2.17. They charge tax.

Initial Reaction, cosmetic:
the sammich in all its glory.
The bread has nice browning. The bit of carrot that is sticking out has a nice amount of bulk.. It is grated larger than that of Givrals. Very nice.
The bread has a nice texture. Quite dry to the touch and very crusty. I like.

Upon further inspection…:
There is a PEPPER in my sandwich. I ordered it without. This pepper is so hot that it smells like the sandwich was bathed in pure capsicum. I pulled a piece of carrot and cilantro out of the sandwich while in the car at a stoplight. They were touching the pepper and I started crying. No good!

big piece of cucumber
The cucumber is nice and big. It covers the entire length of the sandwich.
There is no onion. I do not like this– I love the onion.
The cilantro is lacking. When Givrals accidentally puts pepper on my sammich, the cilantro doesn’t entirely absorb the flavor of the pepper. The cilantro can stand on its own, and if touched by pepper still tastes like cilantro.

chunk of tofu
The tofu pieces are nice and big, but are soggier in comparison to that of Givrals. Not good. As neither establishment’s tofu has any flavor (it’s tofu!!) I cannot comment on the flavor. They taste the same, Cali is just soggy.
In this picture, you can see the wiltedness of the cilantro. No good.
Although the bread was incredibly crusty on the outside, it was too soft on the inside.

Last bite, last thoughts:
the last bite...
While this sandwich was good, it wasn’t as good as my beloved Givrals. A clean restaurant, paying taxes, no mung bean ball, no case full of everything from Coke to Pennyworth Drink to Mr. Coffee, no Mr. Givral– it was disconcerting. I much rather prefer Givrals in the Hoa Binh Market.

I give Cali Sandwich 6 cubes of tofu out of 10. If Givrals is closed and I need a Vietnamese sandwich I’ll come here.

Note: The owner of Givrals isn’t named Mr. Givral. I just recently learned that “Givral” is a genre of sandwich.


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Why is it the best food comes from the grossest places?

Fried Okra
This disgusting looking “drive thru” window provided me with the tastiest fried okra I’ve had in a long time.

Givral's entrance.
This door to a disgusting looking Asian Grocery Strip Mall brings us gems like
Givral's Givral's
More givrals Givral's
and is fantastically cheap.
That beautiful sandwich costs $2 flat. The mung bean ball is 50 cents. A whole, filling, delicious lunch/dinner for $2.50? Heck yeah! Even when I’m pulling in the cash, I’m going to still frequent seedy, cheap, and delicious places like this.
They have a health certificate. It’s OK.

And remember kids, Givral is a genre of sandwich, not the man’s name. I called him Mr. Givral for about 2 years before I found this out.

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Vegetarian Nerdlinger!!

The MOST amazing food…

Originally uploaded by sabor.tijuana.

Tomatoes, Okra, and Corn.
It’s a party in a can!
A party of VEGETATION.
When I saw the can on the shelf in the store a few months ago, I only saw the tomatoes and okra. I put that in my basket, and saw a can of tomatoes, okra, and corn hiding behind the okra and tomatoes. I squealed as happily as a truffle-finding pig that sneaked a truffle into his belly without the pig-master noticing. (Quite happily!)

I didn’ t know that this was a genuine side dish. I thought it was an ingredient. Like eating straight chickpeas (which I have done). I googled it last night. Apparently, it’s a huge Southern side dish. One of the few that doesn’t call for 3 cups of butter and 1 pound of fatback, like what miss Paula Deen would have you believe. It’s quite healthy! No added fat or salt with the canned tomatoes, okra and corn I get. (Glory Foods, Sensibly Seasoned)

I just wish there were more tomato and less sauce and that the okra were more slimy.

Most supplements for hair or nails are filled with gelatin. I’ve asked beauticians about making my nails grow faster, stronger, etc. and they tell me to take gelatin supplements. No thanks, I’m a vegetarian… my hands and nails still look awesome without supplements of that nature. 🙂

I’ve been a veggie since July 2004. I didn’t consciously give up meat all at once, but I accidentally ate tofu every night for a week and realized how easy it is to be veg!

and let us not forget
That’s vegetarian.. I’m fairly sure it’s seitan shaped into little cubes and made delicious.

That again, is seitan. Wheat gluten! Completely vegetarian.
It’s not all rabbit food and bran.

When I do eat rabbit food, I make sure it’s delicious.
This sandwich, by my calculations, is 70% rabbit food, 5% tofu, 25% bread. I’m very scientific when I measured my sandwich. I guesstimated. Yea!

Even big companies are awesome about vegetarianism.
These two meals are from my flight to Europe.
Airplane food #2 airplane food
check the photos for labels. It was the best airplane food I’ve ever fracking had! Potato pancakes and tofu? HECK YEA!

Because I don’t eat meat anymore, I’ve had to be more creative with my food choices.
Before, I barely knew what an artichoke was. I love them with a passion now.
The artichoke fritters from Collina’s are to die for:

So, I don’t really know what the point of this post was. Maybe to post pictures of food a lot.
If the hand modeling doesn’t work out, I’d like to be a food photographer. I don’t know how to go about this, but I will!

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I don’t like the cookie part

I don’t like the cookie part

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Ever since I was wee, I haven’t enjoyed the cookie part of the Oreo.
I remember licking out the filling.
I remember entering the Oreo stacking contest, or at least practicing for it. I got up to 38 of them, if I remember correctly.
I can remember sitting at my friend’s house on a stool scooted up to the counter, stacking Oreos with crumb-covered hands.

Oreo cookies are pretty much gross. Oreo FILLING on the other hand, is fantastic. If I could fill a tube with it and squirt it directly into my mouth, I’d be all over that.
I don’t know what the filling is made of but I do know that I love it. Probably corn syrup, colouring, and vegetable fat solids. Ew.

I only eat the whole cookie if it’s in the cookies and cream ice cream. HECK YEA!!

I’m a glutton, but I’m still young. My metabolism can take it for a few years.

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